The purpose of this video is to give you ideas on how you can get vital resources while staying safe on a back grid in an urban setting
Let’s see
The following urban survival strategies are only relevant after a major disaster in a Prolog
Grid situation where the rule of law does not apply immediately and you have to fend for yourself in the midst of a resource struggle and civil unrest, this channel does not condone any illegal activity, even within one of these scenarios we are talking about and just remember that there are hundreds of millions of firearms in North America and that their owners will do exactly what you are doing, the reality is that you will be lucky to preserve life, much less get out unscathed in one of their fantastic trash races
As a preparer, you must be prepared to annoy, you must have all the provisions you need to last a long period of time, but you must be forced to leave your home again
At will, these strategies can be useful to execute at your own risk if You are in an evacuated City and need gas in one of these situations after the gas tanks at the gas station have been completely depleted and all the cars in the city are diverted to the bone
You may be lucky at your local airport, where hundreds of people likely took flights to other destinations and left their vehicles there, and because airports tend to be on the perimeter of city limits and are generally segregated from the interior
you are likely to find a good stash of gasoline here then looking for seeds in the crazy rush to clean their retail stores of their supplies most people will overlook one of the most important things in a situation of reduced long-term network and that’s the ability to grow your own food if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in a stock picking situation while storing seeds while everyone else stocks high-fructose corn syrup but if you find yourself in a new situation where there is still food on the shelves to pick up and no one to drain your order on the checkout line, make sure you are getting foods that are calorie dense and go to the aisle where they store supplements like multivitamins and minerals, and although most people will jump into the commercial sectors because they are trained for that, the grocery stores, the department stores, hunting stores, you have to think about the big picture when everyone is going to market, they need to go to the industry, most of the things before they get to the retail sector are routed through an industrial sector, Whether it’s a consolidated food store, a variety of outdoor repair and specialty stores, even a major courier company that accepts and receives packages if heaven does not allow half the loot, those are the places you want to do it
But just keep in mind that the military government or police are probably going to get there first because they realize there are far more resources to get there than in grocery stores
Another place that many people will not think about looking for trains and supply vehicles if you find yourself in a silly situation
from having to search the city or even travel through a city after the collapse having a slingshot and a pair of binoculars can be a useful combination to aid in your scouting activities, a slingshot is almost completely silent and can be used to knock down rocks unfamiliar streets and smash windows or fire your ammunition at things that will make a loud noise and hopefully point anyone with an ear shot that draws them to that place, these sounds can make people curious and reveal themselves thus avoiding surprise and potential conflict in the same way that you can use bait to get people out using lures is an excellent tactic simply by placing an item you want to say, like an empty gas can or something like that can have the effect of pulling people out of the wood and hitting yourself just because you’re not in the desert and wandering around the city doesn’t mean the only threats are They will or will be of the biped hominid type if examples like Detroit are an indication that literal packets of wild dogs will run rampant in the post apocalypse after a major disaster, there will be many animals that will become ownerless over time if they are not claimed or are uneven
dogs will probably group together and if we are talking about a situation where there are corpses around a dog, he can only be so hungry before his natural instinct is to eat that corpse, it can be safe to err on the side of caution and theorize
These dogs that may pose a threat to humans only remember that humans will not be the only threat after the collapse if they live in a city that meets their energy needs with solar energy, however it has a lot of great benefits in a shtf situ If you are the only one in your neighborhood with solar panels on the roof, everyone will walk to your house hopefully just looking for a place to recharge, now they are useless cell phones but they will probably boast that you have a lot Also, if you have a flat roof , you can place your panels there and they will not be noticed from the street; otherwise, you should place them at ground level
A visible range of passersby is using a fence or natural vegetation to hide
In the same way, the use of signage and cryptic messages can really surprise people to imagine walking through a city that It was devastated by civil unrest and meets a street with a sign saying looters will be sniped if it goes down that street
probably not even if a person doesn’t have a sniper rifle, most people won’t risk going down that street, especially using the sniper buzzword because that creates a huge element of uncertainty and will be much more terrifying than a signal To say that looters can be shot because the implication with the word sniper is that you will not have a chance to present your case, it would be to shoot first and ask questions later rather than the word shoot which seemed to have the potential to allow more interaction between the two sides but just remember this cheating works both ways so the distressed damsel attracting you asking for your help may be the last fake damsel in distress you have ever seen she always has a planned meeting point in advance if it is before the collapse and it is a place you might know in case you or your group members cannot return to your operating base tions or a temporary meeting point if you are deviated from the course while on a sweeping mission, it is important to always have a plan B and always think of some steps if you want to prevent people from entering a certain street or part of the city Falling trees, power lines, and street lights can create massive barricades that are impossible to cross with a vehicle, there are many different ways to create barricades in a post-collapse environment, yet none of them are that fast
like just dropping a tree on the street for this task, of course you will need a big squishy and you would not need I don’t want it to be a chainsaw because they are very noisy and will attract attention, the silky katana by 500 or 650 would be an excellent tool to have in a post-collapse urban setting if you can get it in the Canadian readiness calm the last suggestion was to all detractors who said they could never enco Find a way to launch a silky saw in an urban survival video, well the joke is yours and so are the tree access pools for drinking water if you happen to be in a place with extreme water scarcity don’t know Forget about the pools in your area, this water is already purified with chlorine in the early stages of collapse, this will be a main reservoir for drinking water, but just be aware that all animals conglomerate in Wat erring holes and this does not It is the lion king where animals put aside their differences while feeding at the watering hole, quite the opposite, in fact these are likely to be commanded by gangs or rebel elements of the army and police if it happens
To be kicked out of your home by bandits and marauders and you have nothing at your disposal to defend yourself or claim your possessions, just remember that as long as you have a source of ignition and a fatalistic sadistic state of mind, it has the ability to demand justice on your newly enemies Uncovered, you may have nothing to show when the smoke clears, but at least you’ll make sure no one else is the victim of the same heist
I must add that this burnt land policy was ultimately purely recreational purposes and should not be taken literally if you want more tips and suggestions for urban survival strategies, go check out my two part series on urban survival
Where I delve into some of the things I talked about in this video and many other tips and tactics, thanks for watching the Canadian pepero, the best way to support this YouTube channel is to support yourself by preparing through Canadian preparation or calm
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