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I’m going to share with you our top 5 free website builders for small businesses
business so you can easily start creating your own website for free and within minutes I will break down the pros and cons of each website builder and show you how you can easily get started and build your website for free now this video is for beginners looking to create a free website for their small or local businesses and it only requires basic features and limited online exposure well now before diving in and if you get value from today’s video please leave a like and comment below and if it’s new here today consider subscribing to stay updated with new and actionable videos designed to help your small business thrive online, okay, let’s go to my computer and check out these top five websites
The first free website builder we want to highlight today is called Wix Now
Wix is one of the easiest website builders to quickly create a free website and launch their online presence, the number one reason Wix is one of the best beginner website builders with zero experience
Because Wix provides comprehensive website templates you can choose from and just edit and change the way you want with Wix is an easy to use drag and drop generator, this makes building your website an absolute breeze Wix too guides you through building now process the negatives of using Wix to build a free website include your URL, URL doesn’t have its own unique website address like WWC or Quiet but it will look like this instead, Wix now adds that your website will have Wix ads like this above which makes your business and your brand look less professional and can negatively affect the user experience of your visitors
It also has limited customization with the drag and drop generator h However, the upside of building a website with works is that you get some amazing free templates to choose from that allow you to build a website in minutes, now you can easily use the generator Drag-and-drop visual, which is great for people with zero experience, you can now also use the free plan whenever you want, and when you’re ready to upgrade to remove ads on your site and get a connected custom domain name, it will only cost between $ 8 50 and $ 24 50 per month and you can upgrade and downgrade whenever the second free small business website builder is called Google Sites Now Google Sites is a fantastic free option for small businesses who want to create a full basic website of information, all you need is a free Google account, then you can access and build your website with Google Sites, this is one of the easiest website builders because all you need to do is just choose a theme, add your website pages, and then insert the designs you want on each page
You can add buttons, text boxes, videos, and more to your website pages
I’ll add a leg up that will take you to a Google Sites tutorial if you want to build your website with Google Sites, now the negatives of using Google Sites include that you have a URL or website address that looks like this instead from Stewart gold com, however the Google site allows you to connect the website to a suitable domain, you would only need help from someone with more experience now it also has limited features like many of the website features in Google productivity tools, While saying that there are far more positives than negatives when it comes to building with Google Sites, now some of the positives include that there are no ads on your website, the website is streamlined and easy to use, which is ideal For both of you when building website and also for your visitors, they would not land on your website and then navigate through your website equally
You can also add people to help you build your website simply by clicking share and adding people’s emails
These are people that you want to access your website and can view and edit the website with you before it is activated
In itself it is simple and direct for people with zero experience
This is a complete website builder for small and local businesses looking to quickly build a website and online presence
The third free website builder we want to highlight today is called Google my business or business website or we can just call it Google my business website now this website builder is great for local businesses operating in a specific location A specific geographic location now Google my business allows you to add your business and other business information to Google Maps and can drive traffic to your website, your physical store and send phone calls to your business, ultimately driving more leads
and sales to your business now, when you have a verified listing from Google my business, you can head over to the website on the left side and here you have a basic website builder
Google my business has actually taken the information of your business that you entered in above and generated its website for you, it has the options to change the theme, edit the text and add photos, this is probably the simplest website creator since Google automatically creates the website so you simply click publish when you’re ready to launch the downsides using this website builder includes the limited ability to customize this website the way you want with limited themes and layouts To choose now, your URL or domain address will look like this and you can’t connect a real domain, you must also have a Google my business list is too nervous, use this website creator, however the positives of using this Website Builder Include Automation Automation Website Creation Goo gle will take all your information and create your website for you
This is the most simple and ideal website builder for local businesses and great for complete beginners
It is a great option to get up and running and put your website online, the fourth free website
The creator that we think is in the top five is called Wibbly
This free website builder is similar to Wix in regards to the free plan with an extremely intuitive and very beginner friendly drag and drop website builder
The downside to using this website builder includes jobs similar to the ones you will have Wibbly ads on your website that you will find in your footer making your website look unprofessional, you also have limited customization options for your website design website and another thing to note is that your url will look like this unless you decide to update now there are also limited options for plugins you can use on your weebly website and unfortunately you need to update for now the positives of using weebly They include very simple and easy to use drag and drop editors, similar to jobs, it has a lot of templates to choose and customize, you also have the option to update when you decide to remove the ads
domain prices and access to other features are low, from $ 5 to $ 38 per month, when you decide to upgrade based on your requirements in the future, this is a great option and website builder for small businesses selling products on online as you can create a relatively decent free service The eCommerce website through Wibbly, the fifth and final free website builder that we want to share with you today, is called WordPress
This is the most complete free creator when it comes to add-ons and features that can be accessed now, through wordpress
com and using their free plan
Now WordPress is also the most popular website creator in the world and it feeds more than a third of the internet websites, this is because WordPress is labeled as leader The website creator and all the themes and plugins that can Install on your WordPress website to create a lot of customizations for your site now, the downside of using WordPress includes that it is more complex to build and optimize your website
Simple as other website builders like Works and Wibbly and other website builders we’ve talked about the build process are simply not visually straightforward, WordPress is more complex in terms of plugins and themes to choose from, as it Sometimes having limited options is best suited for beginners, those who are just getting started with a website builder, limited customizations can keep you more nimble, especially for beginners who use wordpress
com is a more complex website builder; however, the benefits of using wordpress
com include more options to customize features and design options with access to many free plugins and themes to choose from there is also a limited brand of wordpress and no ads on their website, just a small one markup in the footer WordPress is also best for zero search engine optimization and optimizing your website for online visibility and exposure, the best thing about wordpress
com is you can simply upgrade at any time to a Low price of $ 4 to $ 25 a month now because WordPress is open source, there are tons of themes and plugins you can also buy to make the website building process much more smooth
WordPress is essentially a better choice for small businesses that want a website builder, there is more room for growth and reach in the future, and here we have it, those are our top 5 free small business website builders in 2020
Now remember that each of these website builders has both advantages and disadvantages, so take your time to identify and test and test each of these website builders to find which one works best for you and your small business and with That said thanks for watching if it’s worth today’s video then leave a like and comment below and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video