One of the best keto Diet cookbook for beginners out there for free at the moment.
 I hear from so many people who don’t know
how to get started in Quito or don’t
know what recipes to make or looking for
that resource that’s gonna tell them
exactly how to make this lifestyle
successful this is for you so I’m gonna
go through some of my favorite cookbooks
and tell you why this might be the only
thing that you need plus our Facebook
page but the only thing that you might
need to make your puter lifestyle
successful so let’s start off with what
one of my favorites and this is Chrissy
So the first author I want to
talk about is Chrissy Sullivan she is
one of our favorites out there and she’s
got a great keto story so you can check
her out but what I love about her
cookbook is she’s got literally a wealth
of information the beginning this much
of the cookbook is actually information
that you can read to learn about the
keto lifestyle and then this is all
buncha recipes so she goes through
everything about like tons of basics of
kiito’s and portion sizes and macros and
kind of the products that your the foods
that you should have in your kitchen
foods you may not want to have but then
what I love about hers is she has a
four-week journal in here basically that
takes you through your first four weeks
of being keto for example day 1 day 2
and you go through each of the days and
there’s some really good information in
there that helps you kind of stay on
track make the right decisions and then
you can go in the back half and then
choose the recipes that you want to make
to kind of go along with that journey so
I absolutely love her cookbook she has
another ones of all of the original ones
who came out with and then this is her
newer one keto living day by day
so dr. Chrissy Sullivan go ahead and
look her up I will have a link to this
cookbook on our blog post but it’s
definitely one that we recommend for
your kitchen so my next favorite is the
everyday ketogenic kitchen by Caroline
Ketchum as you can see one of the tags
we do use this one quite a bit we love
getting recipes off the internet but
just having a cookbook to flip through
makes it so much easier and what I love
about this one is if you’re looking for
information on how to
started in Quito this one has a wealth
of knowledge of the beginning as well
it’s all of this information here and
it’s it’s the basics on what you need to
know so it does have meal plans in here
it does have like information on what
for example what tools you should have
in your kitchen so it’s really got some
great content in here so I highly
recommend this one and then the recipes
are ones that our family just absolutely
loves and it’s got everything it’s
everything from deserts to lunches
dinners and everything in between
Brianne and mushroom quiche that sounds
delicious I did that one so she has
excellent family from her friendly
recipes in here plus some content in the
beginning so if you’re getting started
and you’re new maybe you want to get
this as a gift for somebody or for
yourself I would definitely recommend
Caroline Ketchum’s everyday ketogenic
kitchen so we’re sticking with Caroline
classroom for just a minute longer
these are her easy kiddo books easy easy
Quito dinners desserts and soups and
stews these are kind of like a new
series that she’s come out with and I
really like them so when people say I
wanna get started in Quito I don’t know
how to do it and I tell them I’ll
breakfast is easy
skip it fat coffee or eggs lunch you can
have leftovers but what do you do for
dinners and one of the most common books
I recommend for people is just this easy
keto dinners cookbook it will convert
your dinner from that high carb potato
and roll dinner into a keto dinner that
you can have for leftovers the next day
and some of these are even good lunches
what I love about these cookbooks is in
the beginning it has a kind of a
foreword that just talks about things
specific to Quito dinner so maybe this
one is five ideas for rotisserie chicken
if you were a busy mom like me maybe you
work full time rotisserie chickens are
gonna happen and these are five recipes
that you can make kind of a homemade
meal with rotisserie chicken it’s
fabulous and then they’ve got the same
thing maybe some of the freezer items
that you should keep in your freezer and
some more information on like maybe what
foods that you should have frozen what
foods you should have fresh but we
absolutely love this cookbook and then
the recipes are delicious
so beef and much for mushrooms too
here’s another one slow cooker steak
fajitas that’s something my family would
eat so I love these cookbooks it’s the
easy keto dinners easy Keizo desserts
one of my favorites and then keto soups
and stews which is her newest went out
these range like 10 to 15 dollars on
Amazon which is awesome and they’re not
overwhelming each of them has a little
forward about that kind of topic so
soups and stews or desserts so the
desserts ones talks about maybe the
different types of sweeteners that you
have should you buy them should you buy
bulk sweeteners and you’ll read about
that in here what a bulk sweetener is so
these are great because they’re not
overwhelming that gave you just a little
bit of information and they make amazing
gifts for your keto or low carb friends
or family
so Maria Emmerich has a wealth of
information on her cookbooks and she’s
got quite a number of them she’s one of
the original kind of keto people out
there and she’s incredibly knowledgeable
you couldn’t kind of guarantee that any
information you get from her it’s going
to be well researched well documented
and the right thing to do on keto so
keto comfort foods has some delicious
recipes again lots of little tabs in
there which means that would use the
recipes in here a lot and what I love
about her cookbooks is she kind of has
more of like I don’t want to say the
science but if you’re someone who likes
to know like what is potassium what what
foods have potassium in and what foods
have you know the most the most fat
maybe the most protein and then she
actually has like really good
information in the forward in the front
of these that have more of the the
science and the nutrition behind the
foods she does a great job giving you
that information in here and these
mosquito comfort cookbook is one of my
favorites of hers but she has a lot so
the other one that we love is the quick
and easy ketogenic cooking because with
a family with little kids we can’t be
slaving in the kitchen for hours at a
time so
lovely quick and easy staff remember
keep it simple keep it fun keep it cute
all right and same thing in the
beginning of this one lots of
information for example here’s nuts and
seeds veggies and herbs and spices and
she kind of goes through some of the
different information on each of those
and she has that kind of nutritionist
view on the forward and her books of the
ball so I highly recommend these she has
quite a few of my dairy-free this one a
book just called keto so lots of
information from Merck and she is
definitely a really good source to help
you get started on a keto lifestyle so I
hope you found this a little bit helpful
again if someone is getting started
going keto i highly recommend rather
than going out and buying like a big you
know intense keto book to buy a cookbook
instead because you both get the recipes
and the basics of going keto so these
are all great authors there are a lot of
other authors out there that we
absolutely love my cabinet here is just
full of cookbooks but these are some my
favorites so go ahead and buy a cookbook
for your next holiday or next
celebration or your next birthday or
somebody else’s and then tag a friend in
here who’s looking for the same thing
who’s looking for a way to get started
the keto lifestyle we love to make sure
that everyone gets the best information
out there to make this keto lifestyle
simple fun and easy you guys have a
great day